Triptych Windows into One

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Tiffany Stained Glass Windows, Re-Imagined without Bars, remove a key barrier to the beauty and enjoyment of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Favrile glass. A new enhancement now available is combining multiple lancet windows into one. Something like a panorama but a bit more challenging.

For instance, this lovely stained glass Mountain Lakeview, comprised of three windows (triptych) is divided by two large columns. Given the limits of construction technique, transport, installation, and economics more than 100 years ago, the division made sense. But I found myself wishing, like Bar None™, for greater viewing participation and imagining what the initial inspired design would have looked like without columns. After all, the beauty of vistas doesn’t typically include columns.

Today, we can bridge expansive columns and unify triptych windows into one digitally. The following three images demonstrate the progression:

Original Triptych

Bar None™ Process

Unified Triptych

Original Tiffany Triptych: Deer Drinking at The River of Life

Unified Tiffany Bar None™

Like many artistic efforts, there’s beauty in both. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry? Personally, I like any version with the least amount of visual barriers that can also provide a dimensional perspective. Hence, both the original stained glass triptych and the unified triptych images will be available. Moreover, the two examples here, and several other Tiffany Re-Imagined Windows, will also be presented.

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