Completing graduate studies in business and public health, launching and successfully running several domestic and international business’s, the aha moment was the realization my hobby was my constant companion through it all. The opportunity to re-boot and rebalance life activities around photography and it’s many beautiful evolutions is what this site is all about.

This site explores forms of music for the eyes: the historic, yet still relevant, opalescent beauty of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass windows—Spiritual & Secular. Introducing the Bar NoneTM collection: Tiffany Windows re-imagined without vertical or horizontal bars. Less is
indeed more. E. Scott Taylor, a significant stained glass restorer remarked, “it becomes a stained glass painting!”

Another photographic effort included here is the historic Spanish Cabildo Cannon in New Orleans. To see the inner beauty of the cannon barrel and muzzle—an instrument of war, in an imaginative array of colors and textures, was both startling and hopeful. Landscapes, city waterscapes, people and critters are also portrayed in mesmerizing colors and perspective.

Lastly, an introduction to FusionalsTM: a mash-up of the imaginative term: Fusion Visuals. A new exploration with the pillars of Color, Light and Texture fused and focused on things of beauty, especially botanicals.