A Celebration of Color, Light and Texture

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It all starts with wandering about and seeing what catches your eye. It’s not a conscious thing, it’s more like an ambush.

As in walking through a Sequoia forest. Coming into view are two Sequoia Giants leaning towards each other creating a teepee frame of a distant third Sequoia. Snap

An orange Sun setting amidst waves, crashing on a stone shore, and a seagull flies into view as if on cue. Snap.

To paraphrase Forest Gump: Photography is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. My reality: I’m lucky to get 3 in 10 as keepers. Typically, when visited by the photography muse, what catches your eye includes any of the three photography pillars: Color, Light and Texture(CL&T).

And when you stumble upon a setting with any of these pillars pronounced, it becomes a race to capture the moment before it changes or disappears. To be clear, CL&T is in constant flux. Time then, becomes the medium for CL&T.

This above image is the fixings for a Guacamole dip. Salt, pepper, secret spices and cilantro(unforgivable) missed the ark. My pardon: not to divulge “need to know” ingredients. it was a practice shoot to capture the best profiles of CL&T in a single image on small wooden board. The “models” for the shoot was driven by hunger and thirst for some of the best Texas Guac. And Salsa. Apologies to other States and Nations that might take issue, but you really don’t have a
chance. Harumph?

Time effects(changing sunlight, color and shadows), heat (unrelenting), and last but not least, perspiring ice cold Negra Modelo getting warm (911), was all in play. The race was on! Comments on the outcome (food, setup, location and otherwise) are welcome. Response is questionable given I was raised not to talk with my mouth full.

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