Fuji Pearl Prints

Tiffany Bar None™ is printed on Fuji Pearl Crystal  Archive paper, a professional paper that provides a signature embedded pearlescent base. The combined metal oxides and pearl mica crystals, creates a shimmering pearlescent effect, warmth and depth to the print, reminiscent of Tiffany opalescent windows.

Fuji Crystal Pearl paper is also durable: resistant to tearing and curling, and much less likely to scratch. Our pearlescent prints are also mounted on both Black or White 2mm Styrene. Styrene Mount is one of the most durable mounting options available on the market.

STYRENE is a super smooth plastic mounting substrate that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for providing rigidity to prints. Fuji Pearl Prints mounted on 2mm Styrene are suitable for both framing or direct to wall display. The included plastic hanger makes for a contemporary display and exceptional over all value.

MetalPrints for Wall & Table Top

A sleek modern way to view legacy Tiffany Bar None™ photo art and other stunning images. We use ChromaLux® aluminum, the highest quality photo metal, finished with 1/8″ rounded corners, to produce brilliant, vibrant metal prints with amazing luminescence. Your photo art transforms your wall into lustrous dimensional wall art or unique, glowing desktop art.

All our MetalPrints printed on ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe is durable, light and easy to clean nor does it need to be mounted under glass or acrylic, both of which diminish the viewing experience. Other exceptional performance benefits: