Tiffany Bar None™

In the 1870s, Louis Comfort Tiffany explored new ways of fusing the natural world of color, light, and texture into luminous stained glass. Regrettably, more than half of Tiffany Windows are now reported lost and gone.

Today, in commemoration, a limited number of remaining Tiffany windows have been digitally enhanced and re-imagined with a similar luminous effect, available in Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper and ChromaLuxe® Signature Metal prints. Get ready to experience Tiffany Bar None™—Tiffany’s opalescent windows are now viewable without vertical and horizontal confining bars!

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U.S. Naval Academy

Tiffany Memorial windows at American Red Cross


*Please note: to the best of our knowledge, the Tiffany windows re-imagined here, were produced by Tiffany Studios, but not guaranteed. Tiffany Studios produced thousands of windows, some were signed, many were not. Even Church sanctuaries that no longer have documentation may find it difficult to confirm Tiffany windows from contemporary period designers. The similarity is further enhanced by some designers working freelance for both Tiffany and other memorial glass producers. Lastly, when Tiffany Studios closed in 1933, a number of previous Tiffany workers continued to produce existing memorial commissions, such as Westminster Memorial Studios.

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